Meet Our Comfort Keepers®

Our team is uniquely qualified and ready to help 

Every member of our team is professional and well trained. We conduct a thorough screening and interviewing process to identify the best home care providers, and only those who pass this process go on to complete training to deliver our special brand of home care and become Comfort Keepers®. What truly sets our people apart, though, is their natural gift for caring for others. 

All Comfort Keepers pass extensive background checks and complete continuing education. They are bonded, insured and covered by workers' compensation insurance to protect our clients and their families.

Helen Rades, CSA

President and Owner

Helen Rades, Owner of Angels On Call, Inc., dba Comfort Keepers #405, #655, #601 does not believe her business of providing in home care to the elderly, or disabled, came about by accident! In fact, she believes quite the opposite - When asked, she always replies, "It was a work created by Divine Intervention!"

On a business trip, Ms. Rades purchased an Entrepreneur Magazine. When she began thumbing through the magazine, she was drawn to an article on Comfort Keepers, a non-medical home care agency that was showing tremendous growth. As she read the article, her heart was strongly moved, and she thought, "This is something I could spend the rest of my life doing - making a difference in lives on a daily basis, while doing something that mattered at the end of the day,” which is important to her since she had been involved in the ministry.

The Mission Statement of Comfort Keepers is to provide the highest level of quality care possible while treating their clients with the respect and dignity they DESERVE as though we are caring for a member of our own family. “It grabbed a spot in my heart,” states Ms. Rades, "If someone is going to provide care like they would to their OWN family member, then I could be excited about that!”

Within the 1st week of purchasing the Comfort Keepers Franchise, Ms. Rades was anxious and having a hard time sleeping. During that time she said the Lord delivered the name to her - - Angels On Call! WOW - - - we would teach that we are somebody's Angel each day, and a LIVE VOICE would answer our phone each day, which is still true of the business to this day.

After their first client in 2003, it became clear that this was what Ms. Rades needed to do with her life and the Divine Intervention the Lord had intended, a purpose, something to do that made a difference at the end of the day, and made people's lives easier when going through MUCH pain and sorrow. This truly was a job that gave you a reason to get up every day and a job to love!!!! And it is a work that Ms. Rades is STILL passionate about today!

Almost 11 years later and 165 caregivers and 17 Support Staff, approximately 100 REGULAR Clients, and over 250 PRN Clients, Comfort Keepers is STILL about the highest level of quality one-on-one care provided in the home. The Comfort Keepers offices #405, #601, and #655 have been blessed in Ms. Rades life and others lives beyond measure in serving so many clients and their families over these past 10+ years by provided homemaking services, laundry, meal prep, medication reminders, personal care, emergency response systems, hospital sitting, respite care, and more importantly companionship to those who many times are isolated in their homes and depressed. THIS REMAINS THE #1 REASON TO OPEN OUR DOORS EACH DAY, AND TO HAVE A LIVE VOICE ANSWER THE PHONE DAILY! Ms. Rades is often the Live Voice after 5p and on weekends, because she WANTS to know if her clients are happy and if the required shifts are being taken care of, to ensure quality expectations are being met. Ms. Rades likes to say, "We WELCOME Client calls as we can't fix what we don't know, BUT we will fix what we do know!” She and her AMAZING Support Staff all believe in prompt, courteous service to those who are dependent upon their caregivers and services! The reason the door opened in 2002 was for our clients, their families, and our caregivers and remains the heart of our business today!!!!!

C. Witten Hayes III

General Manager

Witten has served as the General Manager of Angels on Call, Inc, dba Comfort Keepers for over a year, and has been with the company for two years. His background is in Economics and Healthcare. Also, Go CATS!

Lisa VanderWeele, LSW

Head Care Coordinator

Having served Comfort Keepers for over four years, Lisa VanderWeele is a licensed social worker and oversees all client care.

Teresa Salyer

Head Scheduler

I have been with Comfort Keepers 2 years.  Coming from an insurance background, this was a very new experience for me.  I am the full time scheduler and enjoy working with all the clients to fill their needs with the correct caregiver.

Bonnie Pozefsky

After-Hours Intake Coordinator

I came to Kentucky 6 years ago to retire. That job did not suit me well, so I looked for a position and found Comfort Keepers.  I had taken care of my dad in Connecticut for 8 years without the help of an agency like Comfort Keepers.  I immediately realized when I applied for the Caregiver’s Position at Comfort Keepers, the great value of our service. How I would have appreciated Comfort Keeper’s help with dad. I worked as a caregiver for about a year, then as a scheduler. I now find myself in the great position of being able to speak to the community about our great services.

Pamela Caldwell


I love older people.  I want to do my part in making certain they are provided for with the dignity and respect they deserve, regardless of their medical issues.

Mitch Shepard


If I'm able to make at least one person happy, I feel I've done my part.

Imogene Lowery


Knowing that I can and have made a difference in someone's life and have somehow made it better is why I provide care.  Although there are challenges to this work, the rewards are great and definitely worth it.

Keisha Singleton


What motivates me as a caregiver is the knowledge I'm helping someone who is unable to provide for themselves and has a need for some assistance.  That's the type of love I have in my heart for others.

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